Only people with cat-like eyesight can spot the bat in under 13 seconds

It may only be September but the build-up to the three main winter festivals has already begun.

Supermarkets have already started advertising mince pies for a Christmas over three months away while anticipation is already starting to build for Halloween and Guy Fawkes night shortly before.

To mark the start of the build-up, Lords and Labradors have created this brainteaser where you have to find the bat in amongst several rows of cats in under 13 seconds.

Only people with cat-like eyesight will reportedly be able to spot the bat in under the haunted time limit.

Did you spot the bat? No worries if not, the answer is circled above.

Brainteasers are a great way to test the mind and push one of the body’s most important organs to its limit.

They are also a great time filler because they can be done in a quiet moment on a commute or in a waiting room.

Furthermore, they could also have some long-term health benefits by helping to keep the brain healthier for longer.

The reason for this is that in the same way, physical exercise helps to keep the muscles healthy, brainteasers and other brain puzzles do the same for the brain.

While this isn’t to say that brainteasers will reduce your risk of developing degenerative conditions, they could help keep the brain in better shape.

What’s more, brainteasers are fun ways to fill time and test the brain’s analytical and observational abilities.

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