Only a true music fan can spot the microphone in 14 seconds

Music can have a significant impact on how we feel. It can bring us to tears when it takes us back to a moment of sadness or joy.

It can also motivate us, whether that’s on the morning commute or sprinting up a steep hill.

Filmmakers have been using music for decades to add impact to a scene or entire film, to create a soundscape that draws the filmgoer in.

Some film scores have been so successful they have a fanbase all of their own.

To reflect this Ticketgum has created this brainteaser. Your task is to find the microphone hidden among the musical instruments in less than 14 seconds.

Did you find the microphone? No worries if not, it’s circled in white above.

In recent days, a spotlight has been shone on film music after the Lord of the Rings soundtrack was voted the UK’s favourite film music.

The score by Howard Shore beat the music from Schindler’s List and Star Wars. More than 10,000 people cast their vote to find the country’s most popular piece of music in film.

Speaking about the result, Jonathan Ross said: “I’m so thrilled to see the Lord of the Rings make it to number one in this incredible celebration of history’s greatest film scores in the Classic FM Movie Music Hall of Fame.

“JRR Tolkien’s adventures are beautiful, spectacular films, but the experience is so enhanced by the incredible score that I’m delighted to see Howard Shore’s music getting this much love.”

Following the win, Mr Shore said: “Many thanks to all the Classic FM listeners. I’m very happy that I was able to bring you a little closer to JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth.”

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