Online sleuths convinced they’ve found ‘ancient alien statue’ toppled on Mars

Eagle-eyed extraterrestrial fans think they've spotted an ancient alien statue in a photo taken on Mars.

Scott C. Waring, from the alien enthusiast blog UFO Sightings Daily, made the astounding claim after zooming in on a photo of the surface of the Red Planet taken by one of NASA's rovers and shared with the public.

After inspecting the image of a distant mountain, he spotted a rock that appeared to have eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a crown or a hat, and looked like it had toppled over.

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The extraterrestrial fan took to YouTube to share his findings, and said to him that the rocks looked to him like an "alien sculpture".

Waring said the face "didn't look humanoid at all," instead claiming it had "reptilian" features, and suggested it may have been inspired by an aquatic creature – which fits in with the NASA theory that Mars once had water on its surface.

One of the eyes seemed to be out of place, which Waring said may have been caused on impact when the statue fell.

Fellow Mars enthusiasts were impressed by the find, with some comparing it to the iconic statues found on Easter Island and others suggesting it resembled the statue of Jesus that stands over Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Binnews reported.

This isn't the only time images of Mars shared by NASA have piqued the interest of alien aficionados.

Fans have also claimed to spot extraterrestrial boots, strange carvings, and even actual aliens in snaps shared from the Red Planet.

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Back in May, Curiosity – the older of the two rovers sent up to explore the surface of the mysterious planet – captured an image of what appeared to be a manmade doorway in the Mount Sharp area it was exploring at the time.

The image quickly went viral on social media – with some skeptics saying the snap looked fake.

However, scientists were quick to explain the strange opening, and said it was in fact just a crevice in the rock surface, likely caused by erosion – and that it was likely far too small to be an alien entranceway.

A spokesperson at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs told the fact-checking website Snopes: "The team’s scientists underlined just how small [the crevice] is: roughly 30 centimetres wide and 45 centimetres across.

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"They said there are linear fractures throughout this outcrop, and this is a location where several linear fractures happen to intersect."

NASA's two rovers, Curiosity and Perseverance, are continuing to search for signs of life – past or present – on the planet's surface.

Perseverance also comes equipped with the mini-helicopter Ingenuity, which had completed 30 successful flights as of August.


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