Omicron: First Briton to die was unvaccinated and ‘thought Covid was a conspiracy’

Chris Whitty says that Omicron will peak 'really quite fast'

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The shocking claim comes from an LBC caller this morning who also claimed to be a close relative.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, John, who claimed to be the stepson of the man who died earlier this week, said his family member had been taken in by “conspiracy theories”.

He also claimed he had refused to take the vaccine despite being in his early 70.

He told the show: “He thought it was a conspiracy. He was an intelligent man but it’s all these different things you are getting from online and different media things… He wasn’t vaccinated at all.”

The caller, who said he was from Smithfield, claimed his stepfather was “a bit of a recluse”.

He added: “He never went out. He had his shopping brought to him.

“The only place he went to was the bin outside the block and the postbox.

“He was one of the cleanest guys I knew.”

His passing was announced by Boris Johnson earlier this week.

There have been calls from senior doctors to release more details to stop “unnecessary alarm”.

But four days on, there are still no further details from health officials. has contacted the Department of Health and Social Care for a comment.

The first Omricon case was recorded in the UK on November 27 – an estimated 1million people per day will be infected by Sunday, current estimates suggest.

John said his stepfather had died in hospital on Monday, around a week after being admitted.

He claimed: “He started to look good but went downhill just like that.

“He wasn’t able to speak, he was scared.

“I think if you’re in hospital, having 80 percent oxygen fired at you, you would regret it (not having a jab) wouldn’t you.

“I would. He was fit. He ate healthily, he didn’t smoke and didn’t drink in 30 years.”

It comes after England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty stressed Britons to take the strain seriously.

He advised the public to prioritise their events this Christmas to avoid contracting the new strain.

He said: “If the most important thing to them in the next 10 days is to go to a football match, if that is a priority for them.

“That’s really the point I was trying to make, prioritise things that really matter to you.”

Prof Whitty said he was expecting omicron to cause an “impressive” rise in cases, which could lead to daily peaks in admission bigger than seen in the January wave, when hospitalisations hit nearly 40,000 a day.

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