Octopus Energy uncovers ‘untapped opportunity’ tipped to power 100,000 homes

UK 'could follow Berlin' to save energy prices says Buckley

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Octopus, one of Europe’s largest renewable energy companies, has announced that it will partner with turbine manufacturer EWT, to upgrade and repower up to 1,000 existing onshore wind turbines in the UK. Repowering a wind farm refers to the process of replacing the ageing wind turbines with more powerful and efficient versions. 

According to WindEurope, on average repowering more than doubles the generation capacity (in MW) of wind farms and triples the electricity output because the new turbines produce more power per unit of capacity.

With the UK in the midst of a major fossil fuel energy crisis, upgrading existing wind turbines, which are situated in locations best suited for wind power generation, is crucial to boosting the country’s energy security.

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson previously said: “Projects such as Windplan Groen and Malpica show how big an impact repowering can have.

“Replacing old turbines with more powerful ones is a very effective way to produce more renewable electricity quickly.

“Older turbines are generally built where the wind blows the most.

“New technology can produce much more electricity in these places.”

Octopus and EWT have identified hundreds of older wind turbines across the UK, which have been providing renewable energy for years.

Figures from RenewablesUK show that in total, the country has approximately 9,000 onshore wind turbines.

Octopus estimates that by increasing the green generation capacity of around a tenth of these, “there’s potential to power hundreds of thousands more homes with new cheap, green energy, and drive down energy bills for more people.”

Under their current plans. Octopus and EW will upgrade these wind turbines, making them more powerful and efficient, with a range of 250 kW – 1 MW.

The work will commence this Autumn and is expected to finish by 2030.

“This means powering even more homes with cheaper, local, green energy, helping to drive down energy bills and provide energy security.”

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Carel Kok, CEO at EWT, adds: “By working with Octopus to rapidly repower lots of older turbines in the UK, we’ll help bring online much more renewable capacity.

“Our powerful and tech-enabled turbines are the perfect ‘goldilocks’ solution for communities.

“We’re looking forward to installing many more in the years to come to turn this vision into reality.”

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