‘Objectum sexual’ woman is PLANE CRAZY about 737s and gets physical with Boeing models

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Sarah Rodo, 23, from Germany claims she is sexually attracted to objects, referring to her favourite model plane as her boyfriend. The aviation lover has attempted relationships with people in the past, yet states the model aircraft makes her “feel complete”.

The plane-mad woman has over 50 model aircraft that share her bed with her in Dortmund.

She regularly travels by air in order to remain close to her love for the aircraft and loves to spend her free time plane spotting.

She also dons two tattoos of the aircraft on her arms.

Ms Rodo now aspires to marry her Boeing 737 model whom she calls “Dicki”.

She says that the ceremony would not be deemed legal in her country.

The plane lover said: “I’ve been attracted to objects since I was a teenager – I first noticed it when I was 14 years old.

“Before the plane, I was on the ICE 3, which is an express train.

“I’ve also had two relationships with men because I just wasn’t sure what my real sexuality was but I soon realised that I can’t feel these romantic things for people – now I know that my sexuality is objectophilia and I stand by it.

“I noticed that I wasn’t attracted to people when I didn’t want to cuddle or become intimate with them, unlike my objects where I crave cuddles and being intimate – it’s the best sex I’ve ever had!

“My plane is called “Dicki” and he takes up almost my entire bed.”

She continued: “I love everything about him, but particularly his face, wings and engine – they’re so sexy to me.”

When Sarah first laid eyes on her lover, she instantly fell in love and now takes regular flights around Europe to see as much of ‘Dicki’ as possible.

She added: “I felt love immediately and just want to be with him all the time – he makes me the happiest person.

“I also fly very often so that I can simply feel and hear him.

“When I’m with my 737, I’m over the moon I love him so incredibly much – I just feel safe with him and want to spend all my time with him.

“I try to fly as often as possible and go plane spotting at the airport.

“I take a small model with me when I leave the house so I feel like I’m always with him.”

“Some people don’t understand my love but my friends took my coming-out very well and encouraged me.

“I would love to marry him more than anything but it’s forbidden in Germany.”

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Ms Rodo’s case is not the first in such bizarre declarations of love.

In the 1970s a woman in Germany declared her love for the Berlin Wall, however, the relationship came crumbling down with the end of the Cold War in 1989.

Taking it one step further in Paris, a woman now known as Erika Eiffel “married” the Eiffel Tower in 2007.

Objectum sexuality is a term used for those who are attracted to inanimate objects, on a romantic, sexual or emotional level.

The fetish is also, but not always, associated with a belief in animism.

Animism, in anthropology, is defined as a religious or spiritual belief that nearly all aspects of life — from nature to words to weather to human creations — all possess some form of spiritual essence.

Some have noted that this new sexuality may be a disorder instead.

Medical experts have classified it as a form of paraphilia, a condition in which a person has unusual sexual interests.

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