Nicola Sturgeon skewered as rubbish piles high during COP: ‘No time to do her job’

Nicola Sturgeon pushes independence again at COP 26

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The situation has got so bad that fire chiefs have issued a warning over public safety as bonfire night comes upon us. Due to an ongoing refuse strike, panic has soared as fears the piles of uncollected rubbish could be set alight. It comes after GMB union members initiated a strike among service workers to protest against a pay dispute with council umbrella body Cosla at the very same time as COP26.

Workforce convener councillor Allan Casey said: “As it does every year, Bonfire Night poses a significant fire risk.

“The risk to public safety increases considerably if uncollected rubbish is a factor, particularly at certain types of domestic properties.”

And Scotland’s First Minister is taking the heat.

Ms Sturgeon’s critics have launched an attack on her for not resolving the issue and have accused her of being too focused on politicising.

A storm has kicked up on social media.

Twitter user @lakin_ian wrote: “So Ms Sturgeon – plenty of time to grandstand and politicise COP26 – but no time to do the day job!”

Another user, James Neilson, wrote: “That’s partly because she hasn’t a clue how to do the day job her only experience of work she left under a cloud of incompetence.”

And the @freddiemac1 added: “Anybody visiting Glasgow for #COP26 expecting the streets to be full of kids cycling on their free SNP bikes would quickly find that out that promise was a load of rubbish, just like the streets.”

This is not the first issue Ms Sturgeon has experienced in Glasgow during the climate talks.

The leader of the SNP has also been hit with claims that she is using the COP as a way to promote her pro-independence agenda.

Ms Sturgeon denied that a series of SNP newspaper adverts calling Scotland was “a nation in waiting” were about Scottish independence.

She said the adverts were only supposed to “welcome” leaders and campaigners to Scotland for the COP.

Ms Sturgeon has also come under fire for the lack of affordable accommodation in Glasgow for COP26.

Just a week before the COP began, thousands of delegates had still not secured a place to stay for the duration of the climate summit.

In fact, only 15,000 hotel rooms were secured in advance despite the attendance of more than 25,000 delegates, 10,000 police officers, and thousands more campaigners and activists.

And many delegates have struggled to find accommodation in the surrounding areas.

And on Wednesday, activists demanding an end to destructive fishing methods saw Ms Sturgeon’s official residence in Edinburgh targeted.

Messages such as “save the fish, Sturgeon” were projected onto facade of Bute House, in the capital’s Charlotte Square.

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But her supporters would argue that Ms Sturgeon has been busy making progress at COP26, which the SNP leader is hosting.

The First Minister has made some important green commitments, such as a £1million pledge to help developing countries deal with “loss and damage” from climate changes impacts like floods and wildfires
Ms Sturgeon has also committed to transitioning away from oil and gas to renewable energy.

Ms Sturgeon has said: “There’s no excuse, we have an abundance of renewable energy potential, we must make sure that we fully utilise that.”

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