‘New Nostradamus’ says giant mushrooms to spread alien fungus and kill millions

Massive mushrooms from outer space will spread an alien fungus that could kill millions, claims a top medium.

Sammy Rawlinson has correctly predicted deadly train crashes and volcanic eruptions.

And she issued a chilling warning that a “type of substance or fungus from another planet” will soon be heading to Earth.

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Sammy, of Stockton, Co Durham – known as the “North East Nostradamus” – said: “This substance of fungus will be poisonous to humans.

“It could make us quite ill and maybe even cause a virus.”

Sammy has attracted thousands of Facebook followers.

She accurately predicted the rise of Donald Trump, the downfall of David Cameron and gives private readings to clients as far away as New Zealand.

After the US Congress heard people had been murdered to hide secrets about alien life as part of a cover-up, she said: “One day we will know of them.

“The letter X will be in the name we give to the fungus.”

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