Netflix fan shares easy fix on audio issue that's been annoying users

Netflix fan’s simple trick to fix audio issue that has been annoying users

  • A tech enthusiast has shared a quick fix for annoying audio issues on Netflix
  • Loud background music will no longer ruin your show with this simple method 
  • The creator also shared secret codes to narrow down your TV and movie search  

Have you ever watched Netflix and struggled to comprehend the dialogue because the background music is too loud?

Well, there’s a quick way to change the audio levels so you don’t have to constantly rewind or rely on subtitles to hear your show.

A Netflix fan has shared a simple fix for the annoying audio issue, which has been bothering viewers for some time. 

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A Netflix fan has shared a simple fix to lower the noise of the background music – the annoying audio issue has been bothering viewers for some time

Tech enthusiast Matty McTech, shared the hack to his 4.8million TikTok followers, and some have claimed the trick is ‘life-changing’. 

Posting on his account @setupspawn, the creator started the video by saying: ‘I was today years old when I found this out.’

He continued: ‘If you’ve been watching Netflix and you struggle to hear quiet voices over the background music and sound effects, it might be because Netflix thinks you have surround sound.’

If you don’t have surround sound, Matty advised, you might want to change the settings – and it couldn’t be easier. 

All you need to do is pause the video you’re watching and go to the bottom, where you’ll usually see which language you’re watching in.  

You’ll see a button which says ‘other’, and you’ll see the default audio setting will read: ‘English [Original] (5.1)’, or any other language followed by ‘5.1’.

‘That means Netflix thinks you have five speakers and one subwoofer,’ Matty explained.

He continued: ‘So if you don’t [have surround sound] you want to select ‘English [original]. And now the background music is a little quieter and I can hear him talk.’

The TikToker explained that all you need to do is change the default audio setting from ‘English [Original] (5.1)’to English ‘[Original]’

The video since been viewed nearly 10million times and has had over 250,000 saves. 

The viral video has gained hundreds of thousands of comments with one person saying: ‘WHAT?!?! this is life-changing’.

Another added: ‘THANK YOU SOOOOO FRICKEN MUCH …. I hated the audio issue,’ and a third simply added: ‘It worked!’

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One user asked: ‘What if you use a sound bar?’

To which Matty replied: ‘It should be fine depending on the sound bar. You can always pick different audio settings and see what you like the best though.’

In the same video, the creator revealed a website called which shares secret Netflix category codes that won’t appear on the usual website or app, such as ‘satires’ or ‘Cult horror movies’. 

The full list of Netflix secret codes will let you unlock hidden TV shows, genres and films to narrow down your hunt for what to watch next. 

The website breaks down each genre in alphabetical order and places a code next to it.

Just take the code and type it into the search bar, and it will bring up all the TV shows or movies from that category.

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