NASA spacewalk LIVE stream: Watch astronauts perform first spacewalk of the year live now

NASA: International Space Station captured passing the sun

The NASA astronauts will spend about six-and-a-half-hours today in the vacuum of space some 250 miles above Earth, working on the ISS’s Columbus lab module. Astronauts Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins have been tasked with outfitting Columbus’s Bartolomeo science platform with cables and an antenna. A follow-up spacewalk to upgrade the space station’s batteries is pencilled in for February 1.

The spacewalks will mark the 233rd and 234th time astronauts have ventured outside of the ISS to perform upgrades or install new hardware.

NASA said: “The spacewalkers will be supported by Kate Rubins of NASA and Soichi Noguchi of JAXA throughout the duration of the excursion.

“Rubins will command the Canadarm2 robotic arm as Noguchi backs her up.”

The NASA astronauts ventured outside of the ISS just before 12pm GMT (7am EST).

How to watch the NASA live stream online today:

The NASA spacewalk is underway and you can watch the action here on

Courtesy of NASA, the spacewalk is being broadcast live on YouTube and NASA Television, the space agency’s terrestrial channel in the US.

Simply hit play on the embedded video player above to watch the stream.

If you pay close attention to the stream, you can differentiate the astronauts by the markings on their suits.

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Mr Hopkin’s spacesuit is marked with red stripes and Mr Glover’s suit is all white.

NASA said: “The Jan. 27 spacewalk will focus on completing cable and antenna rigging for the “Bartolomeo” science payloads platform outside the ESA (European Space Agency) Columbus module.

“The duo also will configure a Ka-band terminal that will enable an independent, high-bandwidth communication link to European ground stations.

“After completing the upgrades on the Columbus module, Hopkins and Glover will remove a grapple fixture bracket on the far port (left) truss in preparation for future power system upgrades.”

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Then on February 1, the astronauts will leave the space station once more to wrap up a battery replacement that began four years ago.

The astronauts will also install a new high-definition camera on the space station’s Destiny module and replace parts on the Japanese robotic arm’s camera system on the Kibo module.

Mr Glover will leave the ISS for a third time this year with Ms Rubins to prep the space station for the arrival of new solar panels.

Ms Rubins will then join Mr Noguchi for another upgrade mission.

Astronaut Johnny Kim tweeted about today’s event: “Good luck @Astro_illini & @AstroVicGlover.

“Today’s EVA will add an independent high-bandwidth comm channel to @esa ground systems & prepare @Space_Station for future power upgrades.

“A lot of work goes on in the background for something like this so thanks for everyone’s support.”

Humans have been living and working on the space station for more than 20 years now, with more than 240 people from 19 countries visiting the ISS.

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