NASA reveals stunning photo of fireball meteor snapped from airplane window

From stunning mountain ranges to dreamy blankets of clouds, the view from the airplane during most flights is pretty impressive.

But during a recent flight from Singapore to Australia, passengers were treated to an unbelievable display, in the form of a bright fireball meteor .

Photographer Eric Wagner happened to be on board the flight, and snapped the meteor in action, set against the Milky Way.

NASA has now featured Mr Wagner’s photo as its Astronomy Picture of the Day.

NASA explained: “On September 24, a late evening commercial flight from Singapore to Australia offered stratospheric views of the southern hemisphere's night sky, if you chose a window seat.

“In fact, a well-planned seating choice with a window facing toward the Milky Way allowed the set up of a sensitive digital camera on a tripod mount to record the galaxy's central bulge in a series of 10 second long exposures.

“By chance, one of the exposures caught this bright fireball meteor in the starry frame.

“Reflected along the wing of the A380 aircraft, the brilliant greenish streak is also internally reflected in the double layer window, producing a fainter parallel to the original meteor track.”

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