NASA REVEAL: Hidden meaning behind space agency’s ICONIC logo explained

The red, white and blue brand was designed by employee James Modarelli in 1959, the second year after the space agency launched. The design references different aspects of missions by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The round meatball-like shape represents a planet while stars epitomise space.

The red v-shaped vector represents in a circular orbit around the company’s name.

Mr Modarelli hoped this would be representative space travel.

However, some enthusiasts believe the star maps are actually linked to NASA’s alleged work on extraterrestrial life, AOL reported.

The logo is one of three used by the agency as their official seal is used for common formal occasions.

In 1975 NASA decided a more modern logo was in order and switched to the “worm”: a red, stylised rendering of the letters N-A-S-A.

The NASA administrator uses the seal for formal purposes such as award presentations and ceremonies.

Like the meatball insignia, the seal also includes planet, stars, orbit and vector elements.

NASA also uses symbols for specific projects within the agency.

Each space shuttle crew designs a patch that represents what it will do during the mission.

The agency added some robotic probes sent to explore space have had mission patches.

NASA create symbols for major events, like the NASA 60th anniversary in 2018.

Created by NASA graphic artist Matthew Skeins, the logo depicts how NASA is building on its historic past to soar toward a challenging and inspiring future.

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