Nan buys stuffed monkey that ‘looks like sex toy’ for child but is even weirder

A mum has been left utterly baffled by a toy her own mother bought for her daughter.

The woman, known on Reddit as The-Channigan, took to the internet to post a picture of it under the belief that it was a sex toy.

The image shows a monkey with the word “banana” on it, boasting a massive hole for a bum.

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She wrote: “My mum bought this toy from a charity shop for my daughter.

“Is there any chance it's not a sex toy?”

Ironically, Reddit labelled the post as Not Safe For Work and put an Over 18s Only warning onto the image which it blurred out.

But it didn't take long or Reddit users to come up with the answer.

A user wrote: “Weirdly, I know what this is.

“It's actually a tissue dispenser.”

The mad item is actually available to buy on Amazon and is described as a “cute monkey tissue box”.

And yes, you've guessed it, the bum hole area is where the tissues come out from.

The images show the monkey clinging on to the back of the passenger seat in a car, and one even shows it clinging on to the wall of someone's house.

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However, don't expect to fit a lot of tissues in there, if the reviews are anything to go by.

One wrote: “Description says tissue box holder and this cannot fit a box of tissues or even a toilet roll. It's only big enough to stuff a few loose tissues in at a time.

“That being said it's an amusing novelty piece.”

And a second posted: “Very disappointed, looked very cheap.

“The monkey was lopsided and not at all like the picture.

“I only kept it because my granddaughter had opened it.”

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It appears that the actual reason for the monkey's existence has baffled the internet more than if it was a sex toy, with one person asking “what on earth kind of design for a tissue dispenser is this?”.

And, as is always the way, another person managed to link it to being a sex toy regardless.

They posted: “It's a clever design.

“They make it shaggable so you buy more refills.”

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