Naked man locked out of hotel room doused by lads in fire extinguisher carnage

A naked hotel guest's attempt to plea for quiet spiralled into something of a nightmare which ended in him doused in fire extinguisher foam.

It's understood the guest left his room to kick off about the noise the gang of lads were making – but for some reason decided to do it in the buff. In unbelievably embarrassing footage, his door closed behind him, and without a key, he was stranded in the corridor.

One of the men then tackled the bloke to the floor before another opened a fire extinguisher and sprayed the bare bloke. The unclad man and the group tackle each other several more times, and the extinguisher spray covers the man head to todger to toe.

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The video was shared to the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now X. The poster captioned it: “This fella came out of his room to complain about the noise and got locked out of his room, why he’s naked I don’t know”

Since being posted on October 27, the bizarre video has been watched nearly 852K times. And people are divided by it – some found it hilarious, while others have branded the group ‘scumbags’.

However, it's understood the video is not new. Two years ago it was also posted to a Reddit thread titled ‘PublicFreakout’. In the thread, people have dubbed the footage hilarious and claimed the man “got what he deserved” for showing off his birthday suit.

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Others, however, dubbed the loudmouth lads “scumbags” and “a***holes” for ganging up on the guest. Others speculated the men all knew each other.

One person said: “I think they all knew each other? What a**holes, otherwise, for tackling an old man, humiliating him, and spraying him with a firehouse. I hope they got kicked out of the hotel for creating a mess and a disturbance.”

“Flashing your c**k and being naked in front of strangers deserves what they get. What if there was a woman or kid in the hall? The old guy is a f***ing creep. The other guys are also c***s though for what they did with the fire extinguisher”, added another.

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A third commented:” Why did he go out there naked though? Those guys are definitely assholes, but it just seems weird that the guy would go out there with no clothes on”. Another person argued: “They had to have known each other. That seems like good friends being drunk as f*** doing dumb things to each other.”

“Laughing is okay and kind of expected even though they were kinda being d**ks at the start, the guy came out naked! But from the tackle onwards it was all unnecessary,” another commented.

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