Naked bloke walks into neighbour’s garden and poos on glass garden table

The reason behind a Florida man’s decision to reportedly strip naked and take a poo on his neighbour’s garden furniture remains unknown.

Kenneth Clark Carlyle, 64, was arrested by authorities after allegedly defecating on a glass table outside a neighbour’s house, local news station Fox 13 Tampa Bay reports.

Carlyle was reportedly spotted prowling naked around the garden on his neighbour’s CCTV system at around 4.40pm on Friday, March 4.

Carlyle, 64, was then caught on camera relieving himself on a glass-topped garden table. The bizarre act was seen “on two separate angles of the victim’s home security video footage”, said a police report.

The shocked and appalled occupant of the house, quite understandably, called the police.

After officers arrived at the crime scene, reports The Smoking Gun, they spoke to Carlyle “through the door of his RV camper”, and they found him to be “and he was still visibly naked and highly uncooperative".

Officers from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office covered Carlyle’s modesty, and took him to the local lockup charged with criminal mischief.

Carlyle will remain behind bars because, while bail on his criminal mischief charge is an affordable $250 (about £190) he is also facing several charges relating to an incident in December last year.

On that occasion, according to police, Carlyle had fired “multiple firearms” from his car while parked next to a lake near his home in Clearwater, Florida .

The sheriff’s office said Carlyle intentionally fired multiple shots at homes in the Lake Citrus Drive and Victoria Drive areas in December 2021, from a range of approximately 1,000 feet.

A subsequent police search recovered “multiple shell casings scattered around the vehicle".

He was charged with driving under the influence, a misdemeanour, and two felony firearms counts, including Authorities charged him with carrying a concealed firearm, Carlyle had been freed on $11,500 bond.

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