Mystery sea creature ‘with human mouth’ baffles experts as it washes up on beach

An "alien-like" sea creature has stumped fans of strange marine life – after it was found washed up on an Australian beach with features that look eerily like a human mouth.

Drew Lambert was walking on Sydney's famous Bondi Beach on April 5, and was stunned to spot the spectacularly weird specimen as his eyes ran over piles of rubble washed ashore.

He snapped some photographs and soon turned to Reddit's Marine Biology community for answers.

There was no argument that it was a very unusual find.

"I thought it a ray, but it's missing like, everything," quipped one user.

While another wrote: "Its a ray of some sort that appears to be missing its fins and tail? It also looks bloated, probably from the decomposition process.

"However, I'm not very confident with ID-ing something from that area, so this is somewhat tentative."

A third joked: "It's Australia so probably something that will kill you."

And another marine-life enthusiast was quick to agree, saying it was most likely a Coffin Ray.

They wrote: "Agreed. Touching a live one is a horrible idea, since they can deliver a painful electric shock, hence the name “Numbfish”."

  • 'Alien creature from the deep' leaves residents stunned after washing up on beach

The news comes in the same week that The Daily Star r eported a fisherman found a “dragon”-like fish off the coast of Tromsø in Norway, adding to the collection of weird creatures he has pulled from the depths.

Roman Fedortsov, who works on commercial trawlers, was fishing in the Norwegian Sea when he came across the unusual-looking creature.

He snapped a photograph of the fish, which appears light pink in colour, with large eyes, wing shapes on the body and a long tail.

Sharing the picture on Instagram with his 646,000 followers, Roman wrote: “Just a quote ‘It's one thing to chase something nameless, but quite another thing to find it’ – G.F. Lovecraft.”

The post racked up more than 22,000 likes, with users baffled by the bizarre-looking beast.

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