Mystery ‘gold objects’ seen floating around ISS could be UFOs – or astronaut poo

A UFO expert has some wild theories about the origins of mysterious golden objects spotted flying around the International Space Station on February 1.

Extraterrestrial fanatic Scott C. Waring took to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily to document the images from the NASA ISS live cam, which he spotted from his home in Taiwan.

The snaps show mysterious golden objects floating around which he speculates could be anything from satellite debris to astronaut poop or even aliens travelling to Earth to study human life.

Analysing the images, the self-professed expert wrote: "I was watching the live cam when suddenly some glowing golden objects began to move past.

"The objects appear metallic since they are gold and have a slight brown, green hue to them. Some are small but others are as big as the space station. At first, I thought them to be clouds… but never in my life have I seen such clouds.

"Then maybe space junk…satellite debris, rocket debris in orbit? But I have never seen such technology in use ever! Perhaps it's urine and waste being dumped by the ISS astronauts?

"Well, you see, NASA spent tens of millions of US dollars developing a machine they placed on the space station that recycles all bodily waste so that it can create fresh drinking water for the astronauts.

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"I'm not sure if the Russians see it this way, but NASA astronauts have no choice. Still, these things on camera do not look like waste.

"But sometimes they seem to phase in and out of visual…as if they are inter-dimensional ships in Earth's orbit.

"It does seem likely that future humans could be looking back in time studying us in their own habitat to better understand their past."

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Last year, an alien hunter has claimed to have seen a fleet of 10 mysterious black UFOs hovering alongside the International Space Station (ISS) on the NASA live feed.

Conspiracy theorist Mr MBB333 shared a screenshot taken by space watcher Jeff on Saturday, July 3.

He posted the shocking discovery on YouTube, saying: "This is a screengrab from International Space Station above south Atlantic, at around 8.30am."

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