Mystery as scientists discover dozens of creepy children’s dolls along beach

Researchers who regularly visit a Texas beach have been left spooked out after discovering dozens of creepy dolls washed up on the shoreline.

Jace Tunnell, from the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, said they visit the Golf Coast beach twice a week and have frequently been discovering a variety of eerie dolls.

Speaking to McClatchy News, Tunnel said: "We're actually doing scientific work, but the dolls are a perk."

Tunnel, who is the director of the Mission-Aransas Reserve, says their Facebook page has blown up since he began uploading photos of the waterlogged dolls.

Around 30 of the disturbing dolls were reportedly found before he started sharing his findings to the public.

"The creepiest are the ones that have lost all their hair," he said.

"The first one we had found was a sex doll, the head of it. I posted a picture of it and I didn't realise that's what it was. We got a lot of followers on the page after that."

Incredibly, the first ever doll head they found back in January 2021, was bought by a random member of the public for $35 (£27).

All of the money was donated to a sea rescue program and the team are now looking to sell the rest of the dolls at the reserve's annual fundraising auction.

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"There's a lot of nightmares out there," Tunnell said.

Results from a two-year study conducted by the UT Marine Science Institute found beaches along the Texas Coastal Bend received up to 10 times the amount of washed up litter as beaches in Mississippi and Florida.

In other beach news, a freaky "alien creature from the deep" has left locals stunned after the strange being washed up on a beach in Australia.

Sydney resident Drew found the beast from the deep on Bondi Beach while taking a morning walk with a pal.

The local has lived in the area for two decades and has never come across a creature quite like this one.

He said: "I've been living in Bondi for the past 20 years and I've never seen any creature that looks remotely like this. It had these weird lips that looked like it had been to a cosmetic surgeon and had way too much filler put in, and also it had these weird teeth.

"I thought 'is it a shark? Is it a stingray?'"

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