Mystery as ‘metallic ring UFO’ filmed over Texas golf club freaks out witnesses

A bizarre video shows the moment an alleged UFO "with a metallic ring floating inside it" zoomed around in the skies above a golf course in Texas.

In the clip, uploaded on Reddit by user u/Ford_thatsmi-name a shiny metallic object is flying in the distance near a golf course in Irvine on Sunday, April 25.

In the background, he and his friends try to suss what the weird object could be.

A male voice says: "You see that? That’s not a weather balloon, dude, it’s flat."

"It’s moving really weird," says another voice.

The first man agrees: "It’s moving really weird, it’s like spinning and it’s got another disc inside of it that’s spinning."

"It’s literally going to the ground," he adds in excitement as the object starts to dip behind the treelike.

The Reddit user described the weird object as a "large metallic ring that floated around a separate metallic sphere within the ring, like a flying armillary sphere".

He added: "The ring was mostly stationary and would abruptly spin and tilt around the sphere as it traveled.

"You’ll see this ring move around right before it breaks the tree line in the video."

The video has since been up-voted more than 200 times and received dozens of comments from believers and skeptics, with many different ideas put out.

One person commented: "Looks like Ezekiel's wheel is back on the menu!"

"Quite obviously some form of machine/being perhaps." said a conspiracy theorist.

"I believe what you saw is not one of these lazy explanations people drop in the comments.

"Either this is a genuine UAP that is not human or it's some secret aircraft we've developed."

Offering a mundane explanation, another user said: "Looks like a bubble … They can be made pretty big and take off on the wind. Also, reflect light in strange ways, almost prism-like."

"Clearly a weather balloon," commented someone else.

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