Mystery 10ft creature ‘darker than the night’ leaves dismembered deers on road

A man claims he saw a 10ft creature “darker than the night” that left deer legs scattered across a busy road.

Lee Solway said a "black mass about 10ft tall" crossed the A18 near Humberside Airport in Lincolnshire.

He spoke to an elderly couple and a mate called Finchy, saying: "He thought it was a ghost at first, he could see it had a humanoid form but it was darker than night and it just moved across the road.

"We went back the next day and there was a hole in the bottom of the hedgerow so something could have crossed there."

Soon after, co-host Finchy also found and photographed two "deer legs" in the middle of the road nearby.

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"I just think that's a little bit strange," Lee told Hull Live.

"The picture quality isn't great as it was taken from inside the car because he was a bit creeped out.

"You tell people about it and they say it's just poachers, and yes that does go on but why would a poacher stop on the A18 to butcher a deer carcass?"

The “Old Stinker” is a famous tale of Hull and East Yorkshire folklore, a half-man half-dog creature mostly seen stalking the area around Barmston Drain, near Beverley.

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It was even reportedly seen eating a dog before being spooked by the onlookers and jumping over an 8ft fence with it still in its mouth.

But that is far from the only strange sighting reported in the region.

"South of the river there's been quite a few sightings of a half-deer, half-man creature very similar to the 'puca' in Celtic folklore," Lee said.

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"You also get Bigfoot sightings that run up and down the A15."

Lee, who runs the Realm of the Supernatural podcast with co-host “Finchy” McFinch, said they would be discussing some of the area's most infamous cases at the Research and Witness Convention (RAWCON) 2020 at Princes Quay Shopping Centre.

The convention will run between Friday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1.

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