Mysterious circle appears in sky over India proving ‘even aliens make mistakes’

A mysterious ring which drew crowds to a halt in India is proof that "even aliens make mistakes", a UFO fanatic has claimed.

A sea of phones could be seen being raised to the sky last week as baffled pedestrians in Delhi tried to capture a bizarre phenomenon on camera.

What appears to be a perfect circle was filmed and photographed by dozens of people who shared the remarkable sight online.

UFO Sightings Daily chief Scott C. Waring caught wind of the giant and so far unexplained shape in the sky and has offered his own theory as to what or rather who caused it.

He reported on his blog: "An eyewitness in India took this 45 second video of crowds of people looking upward in astonishment at a UFO ring flying overhead.

"The object was a perfect circle and did not appear to be made of smoke.

The craft is very high up and because it was cloaked, we could not see the body of the craft, however because of the overcast day and static electricity in the air, it creates a ring around the UFO that the aliens had not planed on happening."

According to Scott, the extra-terrestrials had not accounted for Delhi's weather conditions that day leading to the formation of a circle.

He added: "I'm sure the aliens were wondering how the hell the people below them were seeing them? You see, even aliens make mistakes."

Subscribers to UFO Sightings Daily on YouTube have described the footage as "fascinating".

One person commented: "This fascinating a incredible sight and from what we see a perfect circle."

Another wrote: "This is a fascinating sight. it's quite big too , really enjoyed this one a great video , thanks Scott."

But not everyone was so ready to accept Scott's proposed explanation.

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"This is a ring formed after an electric transformer spark and blast. It's a common sight," someone said.

It has also been suggested that what appears to be a low-flying insect close to the camera, could in fact be further evidence of alien activity.

A UFO fan said: "A fast object also at time :31 it moves over to the circle and conforms to the edges of that circle."

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