Mysterious black shape seen over city during lightning storm sparks UFO frenzy

A conspiracy theorist this he may have spotted a UFO "mothership" hovering in the night sky during a fierce lightning storm.

Reddit user @V3_NoM was filming the adverse weather hoping to catch a plane getting struck by lightning in Las Vegas last month.

In the footage shared on the UFO sub-Reddit, the aviator fan films a plane navigating its way through the forks of lighting when, a few seconds later, a strange-looking black spot appears nearby.

The mysterious shape becomes visible when a bolt of lightning lights up the dark sky. It remains stationary right below a white light, which the user claimed is the plane's headlights.

The user wrote: "The white dot you see is the plane flying towards us, and when the bolt passes near it, it looks like the lightning goes in one wing and out the other. And then the UFO appears…

"Under the plane appears this dark shape, that upon further review looks like a tic tac.

"It also looks like it disappears a couple times before the lightning starts making two squares behind the whole scene."

Spooked by the bizarre figure in the sky, the user came up with some possible explanations of the black UFO.

"I am very aware of the overwhelming possibility that these are all light and shadow tricks of the mind or some possible technical malfunction," the user added.

"But if it's legit it's a video of a mothership recharging in the storm with a little drone tic tac making some weird square light show around a plane that just got struck by lightning."

Many viewers were fascinated by the rare sighting and compared it to scenes from science fiction movies.

One said: "This is pretty mental."

Another added: "They love their water, they love their lightning shows."

But some disputed the theory of a "tic-tac" drone flying near a plane.

"Black dot looks like a bug landed on the lens," a viewer suggested while a second wrote: "The single point light source looks interesting, but the dark spot is more than likely to be a Fractus cloud, or a piece of Scud."

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