‘My mum demanded to stay with me for three months – but I refused’

A woman has caused a stir online after she expressed willingness to let her mother for only two weeks for the birth of her grandchild.

The woman claimed that her mother wanted to stay for three months, however, due to financial constraints, the soon-to-be parents suggested that she should come only for a few weeks.

Looking for suggestions, her sister narrated the story on Reddit and said: “My sibling and his partner are expecting their first child early spring 2024.

“They both live paycheck to paycheck and have no real savings. It was also disclosed to me that there was a lapse in the birth control prescription and they took no precautions during this period….needless to say the child wasn’t conceived in a responsible, planned manner.

“My mother made a comment the other day that she planned on coming out and staying with us a month prior to the due date to “assist with the last month of pregnancy” and expected to stay for [approximately] 3 months in total.

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“I made the comment that that would not be happening and we’d instead be happy to have them for two weeks so they could be here for the birth of the child….this caused my mother to cry and my sibling to tell me I’m “insensitive and uncaring”.

“My father has also made a couple snarky comments as well which suggests he thinks we’re being unreasonable.”

She questioned the social media users if her sister is wrong in offering the house to her parents only for two weeks.

Several people flocked to the comment section and shared their views.

One user wrote: “Wow. Announcing you plan to stay in someone else’s home for three months without consulting the homeowners is beyond presumptuous.

“If your parents want to stay longer, they’ll have to look into short term rentals or some alternative. I am sure they are excited about the birth of their grandchild but expecting to stay with someone for three months is not reasonable.”

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Another said: “I’m reminded of the time my parents decided to volunteer my place free of charge for a cousin who was debating university in my city.

“I was of course TA for saying free won’t happen (I don’t want to pay for a third person’s living expenses indefinitely), but if they pay their share of food and enough rent to cover the added utilities so that even if I lose income from not having house mates at least I’m not bleeding money on it (this cousin eats a lot and is fond of hours long hot showers, among other things), I’d be open to considering it.

“It was the end of the world that I, someone who was pretty fresh out of school myself and not exactly rolling in cash, didn’t want to subsidize a cousin I barely knew for four years of school at my own expense.”

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