Mutinous Russians ‘hate’ fake McDonald’s with counterfeit KFC next on the list

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    Russian fans of McDonald's have turned away from the replacement fast-food chain forced upon them when the original version made the decision to leave the country due to President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

    The red-and-yellow brand vacated the country within days of Putin sending troops into the neighbouring country in February this year, and expressed its disgust at Putin's actions.

    But rather than just upping sticks and leaving, its bosses sold the branches to another company which saw them rebrand to Vkusno I Tochka – which means "tasty and point".

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    However, the logo was simliar to the famous giant M, the colours scheme was the same, and the restaurant interior didn't change – nor the did menu.

    And while the food looked familiar, it was no longer classic McDonald's quality – and now Russians are turning against it.

    According to Sergey Mironov, who is the ombudsman for the restaurant business in Moscow and surrounding areas, revenue has dropped by around 20%.

    Speaking to TASS, he said: “"Vkusno I Tochka turnover has decreased by 15-20%, according to our estimates.”

    And the worrying trend for the business could be set to hit KFC, after the famous US chicken chain took a similar route to McDonald's.

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    Branches of the rebranded chain – of which the name has yet to be revealed – is set to open in the next few months, alongside small franchisees that never actually closed.

    The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved the purchase of all Russian outlets by company Smart Service Ltd LLC.

    It now owns 70 restaurants, as well as being the franchisor for more than 1,000 partner outlets.

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    Despite the new ownership, the classic KFC recipes – including its famous coating on its fried chicken – remains propitiatory material of the United States-based company, which therefore means the new Russian company can not use it.

    This, Mironov said, will leave the restaurant chain a shadow of its former self, and an instant turn off for its original customer base.

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