Mum who was slammed for piercing baby’s ears at just 2 days old defends decision

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A mum who pierced her newborn's ears at just two days old has defended her choice to bling out the baby's lobes.

Parent and social media veteran Lara, who posts under the name @Laraticaofficial, went viral after sharing a video of her adorable new baby and how they had changed over the four months since its birth.

One key and apparent change appeared to be earrings for the tot, who can be seen wearing a silver flower earring while wrapped in a hospital blanket.

Cut to four months later and the tot is still sporting an earring, with the mum, from Colombia, defending her decision to pierce her daughter's ears.

The mum said neonatologists in the hospital "pierced Lara's ears," and said: "When they are two-three days old, they don't feel pain like a year or two!"

She claims her daughter "didn't even react" to the piercing and cited babies' lobes being "softer" when they're very young as the reason why.

A controversial topic in the UK, it appears piercing babies' ears is a common practice around the world, with The Mirror reporting the worldwide tradition.

One TikTok commenter wrote: "It's a tradition. In Romania, they pierce the kids' ear in the hospital."

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Another user added: "Same as Indonesia… Every baby girl got [their] ear pierced at the hospital!"

Some people feel strongly against the ear piercing of babies and labelled the action "body modification without consent".

One mother went as far to be concerned for the baby's safety, writing: "I'd be so afraid she'll pull them off and choke on them. My daughter was seven, and more son eight when they got theirs done."

Another said: "I'm glad I wasn't forced to get my ears pierced as a baby. It should be the choice of the child".

According to WebMD, if a child younger than three months received an infection and fever through a pierced ear "they would have to be admitted to the hospital."

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