Mum says ‘psychopath’ daughter, 4, claims to have ‘prison friend’ from 1900s

A mum shared her four-year-old daughter's "creepy" story about a past life and a prison pal she imagined, who just happened to really exist in the 1900s to make it extra weird.

Joking that her daughter was a "psychopath", TikTok user @fredericaseverinsen explained that she was telling the little girl about her friend's new baby, when the conversation quickly got spooky.

Frederica says: "My friend just had a little girl and she called her Esther which is quite an unusual name, so I told my daughter.

"I said, 'Oh my friend's just had a little baby girl, it's Esther'.

"She was about four at the time and she responded straight away, 'Oh Esther Mervin?'.

"I said, 'No their name's not Mervin.'"

The youngster then insisted she had a pal called Esther Mervin who was in prison "for a while" and "lived really far away", terrifying her mum who began to scour the internet for the name.

Finally, after looking on, Frederica said she found an Esther Mervin and, just like her daughter had claimed, lived very far away and was in prison in the 1900s.

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Laughing, the mum says she questioned her daughter about her "prison pal" and how they met and the four-year-old casually replied: "Oh, it was a long time ago, she's dead now."

Frederica jokes she is "terrified" of her spooky daughter.

The video has been watched more than half a million times since she uploaded it on TikTok, with hundreds of people commenting and some even having their own spooky tales to share.

A viewer commented: "My daughter was sitting on the loo once and just randomly said to me, 'Back in the old days I used to have to go to the toilet outside.'"

Someone else said: "My daughter whenever we are out in the woods says, 'Mummy, when I was another little girl my other mummy and daddy left me on my own here.'"

Meanwhile, another person joked: "This just reminded me to take my birth control."

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