Mum petrified after chilling snap shows ‘ghostly figure’ lurking in her basement

A mum reckons her house is haunted after she bagged a picture of a ghost leaving their basement in the middle of the night.

On October 21, mum of four Amanda Pitt heard footsteps coming from around the kitchen.

All of the 34-year-old’s kids were asleep – she checked – but the footsteps persisted.

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Checking the kitchen’s security camera Amanda, from York County, Pennsylvania, US, saw a dark figure standing the doorway.

She woke up 34-year-old Jeffrey Pitt husband, convinced they were being burgled.

There was no sign of a break in but their English Shepherd Ollie was, she claims, shaken.

Although terrified, on the condition that the thing doesn't cause them harm, they are happy to live with it until they are able to move.

"I could hear walking and I thought it was one of my children,” she said.

"I went upstairs and looked in their rooms and saw they were sleeping, I didn't think anything of it so I went back to sleep.”

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She continued: “I made sure Jeffrey was still in bed because I thought it could be him. I checked on the camera and stared at it for a little bit because I thought I saw somebody.

"I turned it off wondering 'what is that?' and laid there, I was too scared to go back upstairs so I turned the camera back on and I saw the figure so I screenshotted it.

"My first instinct was that someone had broken in.

"I woke up my husband and said that I thought there was someone in the house and the kids were upstairs.

"He went upstairs and checked the whole house but there was nobody there. I showed him the photo of the figure and he was like 'what is that?'.

"I have a dog and if he hears a noise he goes crazy but he was scared.”

She says that since moving to the property in 2020 their motion sensors have often been set off when there’s been no one there.

Weirdly, all of the oddities appear to happen on the 21st of each month.

Some footage was gathered on January 21st 2021 that showed a door opening with no one there.

Amanda said: "Things have happened here before. The people who lived here before didn't live here for very long but we never found out why.”

She added: "It seems like the 21st is the day that things happen. If things keep escalating, then we'll look into it more and maybe get an expert in.

"If it's not causing any harm then we'll live with it until we're able to move."

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