Motorla's Galaxy Note 10 competitor may come with a stylus

Motorola leak reveals phone-maker may be taking on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 with rival phone that comes with a similar stylus

  • Images of a new device from Motorola suggest it will come with a stylus
  • It would be the first Motorola device to have a stylus in a decade
  • The phone would mark another foray into territory dominated by Samsung 
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 also has an innovative stylus called the S-Pen 

Between its folding Razr redux and a potential competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, Motorola is coming back in a big way.

According to the latest leaks from Evan Blass, a frequent purveyor of intel on upcoming mobile phones, Motorola me be working on a stylus-equipped phone that could be released sometime this year.

In an image released by Blass, the phone, a sleek looking, nearly full-screen device with a hole-punch style selfie camera fixed to the upper-left corner, a stylus can be seen leaning across the display.

A new image leaked by Blass (pictured) shows a Motorola device that comes with a stylus – potentially the first stylus phone from the company in a decade

As noted by Engadget, who was the first to report on the apparent leaked images, the stylus is significant not just because it would be the first stylus phone in 10 years, but because it makes marks another attempt to encroach on space already dominated by Samsung.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 was unveiled late last year and has a signature stylus called the S-Pen that can be used for several different actions aside from just writing our drawing on the phone.

For example, a button on the S-Pen can tell the phone to begin taking a video or a picture remotely.

Already Motorola is in the midst of challenging Samsung in the foldable phone market with a revamped $1,500 Razr that mixes throwback form factor with modern technology, including a 6.2 inch bendable screen that bends in half to shut in the same way as older ‘clamshell’ phones.

Motorola’s new razr will look to bite off a section of the folding phone market which is currently dominated by Samsung and Chinese phone-maker, Huawei

Samsung was notably among the first companies to introduce a mobile device with a bendable screen in its Galaxy Fold.

Of course, throwing in a stylus with its apparent Note competitor likely won’t be enough to challenge Samsung.

Motorola will most likely make its stylus a multi-functional device like the S-Pen, whether through similarly designed motion-controls or other technology.

So far, price and a specific release date are still a mystery, but according to The Verge, the device could make a debut in April or potentially even sooner during a Mobile World Congress even next month in Barcelona.


Operating System: Android 9 Pie 

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, octa-core, 2.2 GHz

Internal Storage: 128 GB

Sensors: Fingerprint reader, Accelerometer, Magnetometer (compass), Gyro, Proximity, Ambient Light, GPS, Ultrasonics

Memory (RAM): 6 GB

Battery: 2510 mAh, non-removable

Charging: 15W TurboPower charging

Main Display: Flex View: 6.2-inch foldable pOLED, HD (2142×876 p), 21:9 Cinemavision

External Display: Quick View panel – 2.7-inch gOLED, 600×800 p, 4:3 aspect ratio 

Dimensions: Unfolded: 72×172×6.9 mm – Folded: 72×94×14 mm

Weight: 205 g

Water Protection: Splash-proof with water-resistant nanocoating  

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