Most terrifying attacks on innocent swimmers – flesh torn off to swarm of squid

When the weather is scorching there is nothing better than taking a dip in the water to cool off.

The UK recently experienced record temperatures as a heatwave struck – with more of the same reportedly on the way.

But some unfortunate victims have become the victims of terrifying attacks by creatures who live in the water as they made the decision to enter the sea or a river.

While some victims had flesh torn from their bodies by piranhas and crocodiles, others were mauled by squid or stung by jellyfish.

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Water is so enticing when it is hot but it can also be so deadly because of the creatures who live in the depths.

Here are some terrifying attacks on people who went for a swim.

Teenager attacked by huge crocodile

A teenager was left with serious injuries when a crocodile clamped on to her leg and tried to drag her under the water.

Amelie Osborn-Smith, from Andover in Hampshire, was whitewater rafting on the Zambezi river in Zambia.

The brave teenager and her friends managed to fight off the crocodile, forcing it to retreat.

The horror attack happened in December last year.

At the time of the attack, her father Brent Osborn-Smith said the Nile crocodile had "attempted to drag her down into a characteristic death roll in order to subdue its prey".

He said: "Amelie fought back with great courage and refused to be subdued or taken under.

"Due to the quick thinking and intervention of all those on board, the reptile's attack was repulsed and Amelie was then brought quickly back onto the boat.

"Her lower leg had been badly mauled, her hip dislocated and her right foot [badly injured].

"The team all pulled together with a strong sense of urgency and administered effective first aid, particularly in relation to potential blood loss.

"Amelie remained calm and collected throughout and the crew were amazed that she didn't even shed a tear."

The teenager was flown to a hospital post in Livingstone via helicopter, before being taken to the country's capital, Lusaka, where her foot was saved by medics.

She was then transferred to the UK for specialist care.

Piranha rips flesh from victims

More than 50 holidaymakers who went for a dip in the water in Brazil were left with pieces of flesh torn from their bodies.

Shoals of deadly piranha targeted the unfortunate swimmers during a spate of attacks back in 2016.

Unsuspecting tourists had chunks of flesh bitten out of their hands and feet as drought conditions in the South American country forced the lethal predators to migrate from their natural habitat to deeper waters packed with holidaymakers.

The six-inch man-eaters, known as “white bitches," were blamed for the attacks, on beaches in Palmas, in Tocantins State, north-east Brazil.

Three children were among the casualties as people took to the waters to cool off during the hot holiday weekend. A four-year-old boy had a chunk taken out of his heels.

Victim Veraluci Milhomem, whose toe was bitten said. “I felt a stab of pain in my foot and started screaming. My friends dragged me out of the water before anything else could happen.”

Also in the north-east of Brazil, 25 people reported vicious attacks scaring off swimmers in a popular stretch of the San Francisco river in the town of Pao de Acucar, in Alagoas.

Squid breaks diver's bones as he is dragged deep underwater

One trip into the ocean became a battle for life for a diver as he was mauled by a swarm of squid who tried to drag him into the depths.

Scott Cassell endured a life-and-death battle with the Humboldt squid in the waters off La Paz, Mexico.

Scott explained how a swarm of squid dragged him deep underwater at ridiculous speed – leaving him with a burst eardrum.

One squid was so powerful it managed to dislocate Scott’s shoulder, while another manages to break his wrist in five places.

The shocking attack was captured on film and shows the panic in Scott’s face as he screams in agony while desperately trying to claw his way back to the surface of the ocean.

Woman dies after being stung multiple times by jellyfish

A German tourist was killed after being stung multiple times by a box jellyfish while swimming in Thailand.

The woman was taking an evening swim on the island of Koh Samui when she was stung by the jellyfish, whose venom can kill an adult within minutes.

A friend of the woman, also a German tourist, was stung on the hand by a jellyfish but survived.

The Bangkok Post reported that the woman, named as Thies Saskia, 'became entangled in the long poisonous tentacles of a box jellyfish at Lamai beach in Tambon Mared.'

The tragic death took place in 2015.


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