Moment mysterious UFO zips across night sky – sparking invasion fears

UFO whistleblower claims US government has recovered 'non-human' biological material

Eerie footage of a UFO sighting has gone viral online, with viewers convinced that aliens have finally landed among us.

According to local media, the mysterious UFO was also spotted in the nearby states of Nuevo León and Coahuila, Mexico.

The dramatic footage shows a luminous UFO emitting a halo light, before maneuvering off into the distance at a slow pace.

TikToker Marcella Guzman shared the clip online where it went viral with 4.3 million views and nearly 5,000 comments.

Although the jury is out on what the UFO is, netizens were quick to call it a sign of extraterrestrial life on Earth.  

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One user, Tobias, wrote: “The existence of aliens is confirmed!”

Another witness said: “I also saw this at my grandparents’ house. I came within a few metres of a plane and blew smoke rings before disappearing.”

Others suggested the eerie event is of biblical proportions, with one writing “it’s the second coming of Jesus” and another dubbing it “the final event”.

Joseth simply remarked: “The sky is falling.”

Other observers were less impressed, providing rational explanations for the strange phenomena.

Bruna commented: “I honestly think they are just projections. Until I see a f***ing alien I don’t think they are here.”

Another local joked: “It was me travelling with the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Whatever the explanation for the unidentified flying object, interest in UFOs is only growing and not just in conspiratorial corners of the internet.

The US is concealing a longstanding program that retrieves and reverse engineers unidentified flying objects, a former Air Force intelligence officer testified last week to Congress. The Pentagon has denied his claims.

Retired Maj. David Grusch’s highly anticipated testimony before a House Oversight subcommittee was Congress’ latest foray into the world of UAPs — or “unidentified aerial phenomena”, which is the official term the U.S. government uses instead of UFOs.

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While the study of mysterious aircraft or objects often evokes talk of aliens and “little green men”, Democrats and Republicans in recent years have pushed for more research as a national security matter due to concerns that sightings observed by pilots may be tied to US adversaries.

Mr Grusch said he was asked in 2019 by the head of a government task force on UAPs to identify all highly classified programs relating to the task force’s mission.

At the time, the Air Force intelligence officer was detailed to the National Reconnaissance Office, the agency that operates US spy satellites.

“I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which I was denied access,” he said.

Asked whether the US Government had information about extraterrestrial life, Mr Grusch said the US likely has been aware of “non-human” activity since the 1930s.  

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