Menacing birds overwhelm street sparking ‘end of the world’ and ‘crisis’ fears

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    A mysterious flock of birds have sparked fear and concern after they swarmed a street in Mexico.

    Thousands of birds lined the roads of Mexico, with the congregation leaving some to believe it is a sign of the "end times".

    In a now viral Twitter post, one user captured footage of the thousands of birds and warn of an "environmental crisis" the birds are seemingly predicting.

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    Mass bird sightings have also been spotted in parts of the United States too, with a snap of Texas and a photo of Long Island, New Jersey also shared.

    Those flocks are "never a good sign" according to one user suggesting that birds always fly "away from the danger".

    What danger that could be is yet to be explained, but many users have suggested a storm is coming as birds flock in their thousands toward Mexico.

    Anything from "magnetic crisis" to "solar flare" was considered by those trying to figure out why birds were amalgamating their forces on the streets of Mexico.

    One user believed that those gangs of birds were gearing up to repeat the scenes of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

    They wrote "It's happening. Run for your life!" and posted a snapshot of the infamous 1960s horror movie.

    But it would appear the only horror is in users attempting to figure out why the birds have taken to the streets, with another adding: "They're celebrating Tesla's new factory coming soon!"

    It would appear that beyond storm claims and solar flares, one of the reasons could be a more natural "migration" to Mexico, with a handful of self-proclaimed bird experts saying it is "breeding season" for winged animals.

    Another user unmoved by the "end times" claims simply said: "Always been that way there."

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