Medium ‘connects’ with cursed painting – says it has links to the Royal Family

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    A creepy cursed painting living at a top London tourist attraction has been revealed as having links to the Royal Family.

    The mysterious portrait of a rather unnerving-looking young girl was first bought from an East Sussex charity shop for just £25, but returned just two days later as it had "an aura about it". The painting's second owner also promptly sent the artwork back after she deduced it was responsible for a series of mishaps in her life.

    The work of art has since become an urban legend and now hangs proudly in the hallway of the London Bridge Experience, a creepy walk-through attraction that tells the capital's history in a particularly haunting way. And it has now emerged that the haunting image is actually linked to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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    Medium Claire Evans from Paranormal Investigators spent two days trying to figure out why the image is so cursed. She said: “When I connected with her (the lady in the painting), I was told that this was a painting of a ghost that has been seen in this house and I was getting the name Horsted Hall, and this does exist and it's not too far from Hastings – it is now called Horsted Place Hotel.”

    According to the hotel's website, it was actually a popular one with the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, who stayed there on several occasions. The medium also shed some light on the possible history behind the woman in the paint – who is not thought to be connected to the Royals.

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    She said: “There is a lot of sadness attached to the painting and when I first connected to it I was getting a second floor window, a green field and water and I can hear a woman crying and I feel that this is this young lady's mother. There is so much sadness with her family history, I wonder if there was an evacuation through the war and this could be where Horsted comes into play it may have been a place that took evacuees.

    “I also get smoke and fire, I can see a house burning but it's a smaller house than Horsted and if you look at the painting it's almost as if she has this smoke veil in front of her and I'm getting the name Annabel coming in strongly.”

    The painting is now on display as part of the Cir-Cursed Halloween Show at the London Bridge Experience. Tickets for the show are available here.

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