Man who splurged £12.5k to turn into dog performs tricks before eating from bowl

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  • A bloke who spent £12,500 to "turn into a dog" has posted a YouTube video where he can be seen performing tricks and "eating from a dog bowl".

    Toko, from Japan, now lives as a rough collie and regularly posts snippets of his bizarre new life to his channel, I Want To Be An Animal.

    In an introductory video he explains: "I became a rough collie because I wanted to be an animal. From now on I'm thinking of uploading videos at my own pace."

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    And in a more recent clip, which had been viewed 346k times at the time of writing, he was filmed "eating dog food" and performing tricks.

    "I fulfilled a childhood dream of being an animal, and I became a dog!" the video states.

    "Now that I'm a dog, I'm going to try to eat dog food! Can I do it?"

    A human can then be seen giving Toko a bowl filled with fake wooden dog food in the shape of tiny bones, and he proceeds to "wait" for it before pretending to chow down.

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    He can be seen impatiently waving his paw in the direction of the bowl and stretching on the floor before the inedible food is placed at his feet and quickly disappears.

    After his bowl is replenished, he can be seen giving his owner each of his front paws in turn, mimicking the "shake" command.

    "It looks like she'll give me food if I do tricks," the video's subtitles read.

    With a wave of the human's hand, Toko then lies down on the floor and awaits permission to "eat" his second course.

    His "owner" then gives the human-turned-canine some more wooden kibble direct from her hand, and Toko can be seen jumping with anticipation of more false snacks.

    Toko has become an internet sensation and has amassed 23,700 followers on YouTube alone.

    One commented on this video: "Remember when we were little and wished we could transform into a animal and change back human sometimes – THIS DUDE CAN."

    "Smart Toko, eats 3 balanced meals a day and makes sure to exercise! Keep living your dreams Toko!" a second added.

    Meanwhile a third chimed in: "Toko, I hope you have an amazing day! The breed of dog you chose is so cute, and I'm glad that you accomplished your dreams!"

    In another video posted last year, Toko explained his reasons for adopting a new life as a pooch.

    "I have had a vague dream of becoming an animal since I was a child," he explained.

    "When I fulfilled that dream, this is how it turned out."

    He continued: "Sometimes it is reported that I am tired of being human, but I have never said that.

    "Be aware of incorrect information."

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