Man who broke into Space Force base said ‘President sent him to warn of aliens’

A man has been arrested after stealing a car, driving to a United States Space Force base and telling government officials that he had been sent there by “the president”.

Corey Johnson, 29, claimed the was told to warn them about United States “aliens” who were apparently fighting with “Chinese dragons”.

The Florida-native was arrested on site, having stolen a Ford F-150 car days before making the trip to the Patrick Space Force Base.

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He claimed not to know who the original owner was – and was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle.

The airbase, according to the experts at, houses Space Launch Delta 45, which is a huge unit responsible for launching US satellites into space from the East coast of the country.

It also oversees the famous Cape Canaveral Space Force Base in case any issues arise that need to be dealt with off-site.

It is not clear just how close to the base the man got, or whether or not he managed to make his warning known to staff.

Johnson is now in custody in the local Brevard County Jail.

The news of the man's trip went down well online.

One user wrote: “Well the President told him to do it.”

And another posted: “Probably fighting to get more money from the dragons.”

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The Space Force Base is run by Brig. Gen. Stephen G. Purdy, Jr.

He is the Commander for Space Launch Delta 45, Director of Launch and Range Operations, Space Systems Command, and Director of the Eastern Range.

He also serves as the Space Force University Partnership Program Champion for the University of Texas Austin.

The Daily Star has reached out to the base for comment on the matter and to find out if United States aliens really are fighting Chinese dragons . . .

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