Man tries to end severe groin pain by hacking off penis and flushing it down loo

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A bloke suffering from groin pain tried to end his agony by chopping off his own penis.

He then flushed it down the toilet, dashing any hopes medics may have had of stitching it back on.

Police later tried to find out if the severed member could be recovered, but were told there was zero chance.

The 29-year-old man, from Beersheba, Israel, had reportedly been suffering excruciating pain which caused him to finally crack.

He told paramedics the pain was "in the area”, local media reported.

Unable to stand the pain any longer, he took a kitchen knife and sliced off his manhood.

His mum found him hours later bleeding in his bed and he was taken to the Soroka Medical Centre, according to reports.

The man’s mental state is currently under assessment.

Police officers contacted the water and sewage management company to ask about the chances of the severed member being recovered from the pipe system.

But the firm insisted it would be a futile quest, “even if all the pipes were dismantled”.

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The man has not been named.

Last month, a wife in Vietnam cut off her 40-year-old husband’s penis because she was jealous of his popularity with women.

She reportedly waited until he fell asleep before attacking him with a pair of scissors.

The woman later drove him to hospital where surgeons battled for hours to reattach it.

And back in March, a woman cut off her sleeping lover’s penis in the town of Sihu, Taiwan and flushed it down the toilet so he couldn’t use it again.

She told police he had fallen asleep after eating a bowl of chicken noodles, with investigators said to have quizzed her to discover if she had put a sleeping pill or other drugs in it.

Doctors said the dad-of-three, named only as Huang, 52, would have an artificial penis fitted so he can have sex again.

They said he was left with "insufficient length to engage in sexual intercourse”.

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