Man told ‘call the police’ as huge rat-eating creepy crawly slithers across sofa

A terrifying creature has been filmed crawling across a man’s sofa – and he was so petrified by the sight he considered burning his house down.

Twitter user @VickGlaze shared footage of his horrifying encounter yesterday (July 27) and the video has already been seen more than 2 million times.

It shows a ginormous centipede slithering across the side of a grey chair in his home in Austin, Texas, US.

The alien-like creature has a red head and dozens of legs with a tail that makes it almost as long as the side of the piece of furniture.

A stunned child can be heard behind the camera asking: “Oh my gosh daddy, where has this come from?”

But the kid’s dad was clearly just as horrified by what he was witnessing.

“I almost had set the crib on fire yesterday,” he wrote.

“I found where it came in and sealed every window in the crib and some.”

The uploader said he was so shaken by the encounter that he hadn't “turned a light off” in his home.

He claimed he wanted to “get the hell out of Austin” after the experience.

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“A lot of people asking what happened,” the user added. “Like I said I didn’t think it had a weakness so it got trapped in Tupperware and I then drove some miles down the road and threw it.

“I had to create distance because I don’t know if it picks up scent or what.”

Thousands of people have commented on the video – and everyone was equally horrified.

“I would have called the police,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented: “The whole house has got to go.”

Other viewers identified it as a Texas red head centipede, which has a venomous sting which feels similar to getting stung by a bee.

They are the largest centipedes in North America, growing 8 inches long, and can feed on lizards, rodents and frogs.

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