Man spends £18k on creepy ‘ultra-realistic’ wolf costume ‘to become a predator’

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    While some of us might daydream about being football heroes or rock stars, one Japanese bloke has always fancied becoming a wolf.

    This week, he posed for a series of photos showing off the £19,000 custom-made suit that has finally turned his fantasy into reality.

    The man, who has chosen not to reveal his human identity, posed in the custom-made wolf costume created by Japanese prosthetics specialists Zeppet that set him back a cool three million Yen (£18,800).

    He explained: “Because of my love for animals since childhood and some realistic animal suits appearing on TV, I dreamed of ‘being one someday’."

    He added that while he had been aware of Zeppet’s work for film and TV, he had only recently learned that they offered one-off custom orders.

    As soon as he found that our, he says, he immediately contacted them.

    He arranged a Zoom meeting and told them about his idea for a suit that made him look like a man-sized wolf walking around on its hind legs.

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    “At the preorder online meeting,” he says, “I described rough specifications of the desired suit to the creator. My expectation for a dream-come-true outcome rose when the creator convinced me that they can create a suit incorporating my specifications and ideas about how to realise preferable effects.

    “Assured of a successful outcome, I placed order right after receiving the quotation”.

    After a bespoke tailoring experience, with minor adjustments along the way, the finished article was finally delivered.

    “At the final fitting, I was amazed at my transformed self in the mirror,” he said. “It was a moment when my dream come true. My order to ‘look like a real wolf walking on hind legs’ was difficult – to say the least – but the complete suit looked exactly like what I imagined."

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    In a press release published by Zeppet, he detailed his wolf suit’s features, including “the unnoticeable ventilation slit for the wearer’s comfort and devices to enable unassisted wearing”.

    He is, he says, one very satisfied customer.

    The would-be werewolf isn’t the first person to avail themselves of Zeppet’s incredibly realistic costume tailoring service.

    Last year another Japanese man, who gave his name as Toko, showed off a hyper-realistic collie costume that had cost him a slightly more affordable two million Yen (£12,500).


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