Man freaked out by ‘sinister’ human-pig hybrid snap someone is AirDropping him

A bloke is on a quest for answers as someone has been sending him a "creepy" image of a pig with human eyes for weeks.

Caleb, 22 and from Liverpool, has been sent the strange image via AirDrop – a feature on iPhones that allows other people close by to send you things.

Caleb initially found the image funny but now says he is unnerved and is worried there is something more sinister behind the prank. He told the Liverpool Echo that it has been going on for three-and-a-half weeks.

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Caleb said: "It's mainly been happening when I've been at mine and once when I've been walking down the street. I live on my own."

The picture is actually a meme known as John Pork online. It is believed to have originated from the @john.pork Instagram account where computer-generated images show the weird human-like pig creature in a number of different environments.

The meme has now spread to TikTok and Twitter where videos show the iPhone calling screen and a picture of John Pork, as if he is making a call to the viewer. Some TikTok videos take the form of news channels reporting on the death of the fictional John Pork.

Caleb said the sender's username is not recognisable – instead just a collection of numbers – so he has no idea who is AirDropping him the John Pork image.

In his quest for answers Caleb posted in the Wavertree Watch L15 Facebook group to see if anyone else living near him had also been sent the pictures. He explained he was worried if there was a "sinister motive" to it. However his search for answers has so far proved fruitless.

Caleb said: "It doesn't seem to have happened to anyone else. The photo is funny but a bit odd. The first time I laughed but I didn't know what it was. After a few times, it became very creepy. The photo is very weird and I would be quite interested to see if it was happening to anyone else."

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