Man claims to have seen ‘Australia’s version of Bigfoot’ – and ‘it eats humans’

A hunter claims to have had dozens of close encounters with 'Australia's version of Bigfoot' and says that groups of them are roaming the outskirts of major cities down under.

Jason Heal from Perth, Australia, spends his weekends in the bushland surrounding the city looking for the beasts.

He suggests their diet consists of berries, kangaroos, snakes, wallabies – and, most frightening of all, humans.

“There are a lot of people who go missing in the bush and the cases remain unsolved and it is usually put down to a homicide,” he said.

“But I think some of these are the work of yowies (Australia's Bigfoot).”

He told Australian new site PerthNow this week that the creatures are large, covered in thick hair, and capable of running at high speeds.

Jason said: "You can have small ones the size of a child and bigger ones that grow up to 11 feet which have been seen in the Blue Mountains."

There has never been any confirmed fossil or scientific evidence for the existence of the ape-like beasts.

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But Jason says that is because of the creatures' intelligence, which makes them capable of easily avoiding humans.

He continued: “If you look at every culture around the world they all have their own version of yowie, whether it is the Yeti, Sasquatch: there has to be something to it.

“Australian Indigenous elders know about them for sure. It’s part of their folklore and they have passed down stories of their existence over thousands of years but keep it quiet.”

It was reported by European explorers in the nineteenth century that beliefs in a large hairy creature were common among Aboriginal tribes.

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