Man claims he saw ‘Bigfoot’ in garden while going to get a glass of water

A man has sensationally claimed he saw a Bigfoot while going into the kitchen for a glass of water while he was home alone.

In a TikTok video uploaded by paranormal author Connor Flynn, who previously told Daily Star about an alleged Sasquatch thumb fossil he found, he interviews a man at Infinity Con with a "grade A encounter".

The man, who is called Royce, describes the chilling experience and says: "I was at home alone, my folks had left the house, and I got a glass of water and I looked out the back window.

"And there is… I can only describe it as a Bigfoot walking away back out to the woods.

"I paused for a second and thought to myself, 'You dummy! Take your phone, get a picture, get a video!'"

He says he threw his glass of water down and rushed to get his phone and "took a quick picture" but was unable to record footage before the mythical beast had wandered off.

"By the time I tried to get a video, it was gone," he says ruefully.

The witness then tells Connor as soon as his computer is working he can provide evidence of the encounter and "send it to y'all".

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Since it was uploaded on June 12, the video has sparked reactions of both excitement and ridicule from commenters.

Although the Bigfoot myth is popular in the US and has a large following in paranormal circles, many people admitted they were skeptical and found the man's story unlikely.

One viewer gushed: "Where was this?! Excited to see!"

"Awesome!" said another.

But someone else blasted: "There are zero Bigfoot in Florida."

Another viewer commented: "Really his computer isn't working? Why can't he produce the pic on his phone?"

Connor said the man saw the beast in the Florida Panhandle which has been the location of many other unconfirmed sightings, as reported in Daily Star.

A man saw a hulking dark figure that he thought might be Bigfoot walking across a field next to woodland and actually recorded the footage for people to debate over.

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