Man claims ‘5G and electricity allergy’ is making him a prisoner in his own home

A man who has a rare allergy to electricity has said the condition has made him a prisoner in his own home, forcing him to coat the bungalow where he lives in paint to block out 5G and radio waves.

Bruno Berrick, 48, lives with his partner and three daughters in a specially designed home which he says helps to block out radio waves.

He said the family keep electricity usage to a minimum, leaving lights off in the evening, keeping the heating off, and not doing normal day-to-day activities like watching TV, reports the Northamptonshire Telegraph.

The dad is now building himself a special low-tech shelter in the garden, where he plans to spend the winter so the family can have the heating on.

Bruno said he was a "normal guy" before he began to suffer from the debilitating condition four years ago, and said it all started with a "popping" burning sensation in his head.

He lost a whopping five-stone before he realised he was suffering from a rare and controversial condition called Electrosensitivity – also known as Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Electrophobia, or Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome.

Some experts claim Electrosensitivity is totally imagined but Bruno and partner Lisa Chambers, 34, insist his condition is so real the couple have spent £200,000 travelling around the world to combat the condition.

Bruno said: "All these people are saying they’re idiots and all that but I’m a normal lad. I was a builder – I’m not one of these to go off on one.

"I was just your normal everyday bloke, you know? I was a greyhound trainer – trained greyhounds for a living, I was working all day, I’ve got three little kids, I’m living proof of what it does to you.

"All these people on the TV and in the papers and saying they’re just 5G idiots and all this but if you put me in front of somebody with a mobile phone or put electricity on you see what happens to me.

"Nobody can say it doesn’t affect you because I’m living proof."

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The dad said he began suffering from the condition after he got poisoned by pesticides when he lived next to a field that was being sprayed with toxins.

Bruce said the poisoning "stripped" his immune system, and he kept getting infection after infection until it developed into an intolerance to radiation.

He said: "In 2016 I got poisoned by pesticides because I lived next to a field that they were spraying but nobody knew what it was.

"I ended up about a year and a half later having to go to America, Seattle in Washington and they found it in about two days. They sent a urine sample to Kansas and it came back and said I was full of pesticides.

"Basically, it stripped my immune system. It went down to nothing and I kept getting infection after infection and it's turned into this. Now, if I’m near a mobile phone I nearly collapse from the radiation from it."

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Bruce and Lisa then moved to a remote part of Rutland which made him feel "so much better" and was 'able to play with the kids again.

The couple have now moved to a busier area and made sure their home is suitable and secure for Bruno, and have even painted the home with 5G protective paint.

He said: "I've come here, put a stone and a half on – 20lb in four months. I can’t have the electric on, no lights, no heating, no TV, nothing.

"If I do, my eyes go black within ten minutes, my eyes sink into the back of my head and I look about 10 years older.

"When we used to live next to a phone tower and I was shaking physically and trembling inside.

"I’m in a house now that's painted with 5G protective paint – the whole house. I came here, I’ve had four great months.

"When I stay in this house I’m an absolutely normal man."

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