Life after death: Man who survived gas explosion recalls harrowing NDE ‘I saw my body’

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The man, who only introduced himself as Dave, shared his bizarre account with the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). Dave claims to have had an out-of-body experience in 1976 when he unintentionally ignited a gas leak in his kitchen. The man recalled the flames engulfing his body and being overwhelmed with a strong feeling of fear.

Dave said: “Suddenly, the world exploded in flame in front of me and a strangely muffled boom pressed into my ears.

“I remember experiencing the most extreme fear that I had ever felt, then or since.

“It was a primal fear where I knew that I was absolutely not in control of the situation and was going to die.”

The next thing Dave remembers is looking down on his body from about five feet away.

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He added: “I saw my body enveloped by the flames and being thrown back from the pressure wave.”

According to Dave, all of this happened at once as if time had slowed down or lost all meaning.

He could not tell if it happened within a “nanosecond or much longer”.

Dave did not feel any heightened emotions, such as love or elation, but instead had the explosion “permanently” burned into his memory.

Eventually, Dave remembers returning to his body and the feeling of fear was almost entirely gone.

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In the aftermath of the explosion, he was treated for burns that took many months to recover from.

More importantly, however, Dave has come to believe we can exist outside of our bodies.

But Dave’s experience is not unique and many people who have stood on the brink of death describe similar phenomena.

These are known as near-death experiences and often involve cardiac arrest or clinical death.

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People often describe flying through a dark tunnel towards a bright light or seeing their deceased loved ones.

Another frequent memory is that of NDE survivors floating above their bodies and being hyper-aware of their surroundings.

The medical sciences, however, believe there is a non-supernatural explanation for what is going one.

According to one popular theory, NDEs are hallucinations triggered in moments of intense trauma.

The hallucinations may be caused by a lack of oxygen flow to the brain, or could be a side-effect of drying brain cells.

A more out-there theory suggests the body creates the psychedelic chemical N,N-Dimethyltryptamine when we die.

Even Carl Sagan, the famous astrophysicist, suggested NDEs, where patients recall going through a tunnel, are memories of going through the birth canal.

This theory, however, has been challenged by others who argued infants are not developed enough for such memories to form.

A paper penned by Carl B. Becker of Southern Illinois University states: “More scientifically, infants simply cannot perceive anything well enough for Sagan’s theory to hold true.”

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