King Charles III’s response to weather despite ‘Coronation curse’ theory

King Charles III had a heartwarming reaction to the rainy weather on his big day – despite some believing it is a sign of a "Coronation Curse".

Charles and Queen Camilla were enthroned in a ceremony which will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday morning (May 6).

In typical British style, there was rainfall on the day when royal fans were lining the streets in the hopes to catch sight of the new monarch.

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However, King Charles seemed to take the forecast heartwarmingly well when he heard the predictions the day before his crowning moment.

The new monarch was greeting well-wishers at The Mall when a fan asked him how he felt about the forecast.

To which, he replied: "I hope you don’t all get soaked. Rain is a blessing… except for your camera!"

Although, this isn't the first time a Coronation celebration has been a little washed out as it has happened so frequently that some believe it could be a "curse."

In the video shared by TalkTV, Zora Suleman explained: "Is the weather a Coronation curse?

"Data from the Met Office archive shows that none of the 20th-century coronation days were blessed with good weather.

"King Edwards's Coronation was scheduled for June 26, 1902, but the ceremony had to be postponed to August 9 that year.

"Instead, despite it being in the middle of summer, the weather was disappointingly cool with a high of just 16 degrees Celsius.

"It was cloudy too, but it did stay dry.

"The cloudy and cool conditions came back for George V's coronation, and George VI had rain.

"Queen Elizabeth's coronation was interesting eight days before the temperature sore to 31.7 degrees Celsius during a warm sunny May.

"Then big change as cool northernly winds developed leading to a chilly November-like day in London for the Coronation and rain during the morning."

Do you believe it's a Coronation curse? Let us know in the comments below.


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