King Charles’ Coronation faces being haunted by 3 eerie Westminster Abbey ghosts

King Charles might want to call in the Ghostbusters – or else risk being haunted by not one, not two, but three famous spectres at his own Coronation.

That's because historic Westminster Abbey is hosting the monumental royal event on Saturday, May 6 – and it's widely believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the UK.

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A place of worship has existed in one form or another on the site in central London since as early as 960AD when, legend has it, a River Thames fisherman had a vision of Saint Peter on the very spot the Abbey sits today.

Since then, it's played host to at least 15 Royal weddings and an order of Benedictine monks, survived the English Civil War and the horrors of the Blitz and even been the venue for the burials of eight Prime Ministers and 16 different monarchs.

So, obviously the place is haunted…

Common consensus says there are three main ghosts that stalk its breath-taking halls.

These phantoms are regularly spotted by terrified visitors, or sometimes even caretakers or clergymen.

So here, Daily Star has the low down on all the phantoms you just might spot if you're eagle-eyed enough come Coronation day.

The Ghost of John Bradshaw

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Known to history as the man who sentenced King Charles I to death without granting him any final words, John Bradshaw was an English Judge who died, spookily enough, on Halloween 1659.

He was originally buried at Westminster Abbey – before his rotting body was dug up and put on display following the restoration of the monarchy – and spent much of his life using an office in the Abbey's south west triforium.

And it's from that small room that his ghost is regularly seen walking, reportedly every year on the anniversary of the King's execution on January 30th.

But maybe, just maybe, Ole Johnny B might decide to make a special appearance for a new King come this weekend.

The Shade of the Unknown Warrior

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Most people know about the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, one of the most sacrosanct areas of the Abbey that tourists are not allowed to walk over.

The tomb, set directly in the centre of the western nave of the Abbey, is home to the bones of an unidentified British soldier whose body was brought home from France at the end of the First World War.

The anonymous hero was deliberately buried "among the kings" to honour every Brit who died fighting for their country.

Legend now has it that, once the sun has gone down, a ghostly soldier appears at the side of the tomb, head bowed as if in prayer, and stands stock still for a few minutes before disappearing.

Father Benedictus – the murder victim who became a tour guide

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Perhaps the most active ghost Westminster Abbey has to offer, Father Benedictus was a 16th Century holy man believed to have been killed inside the Abbey during a tragic robbery-gone-wrong.

The monk has been known to accidentally take tourists on guided walks through the cloisters before disappearing into thin air or walking through walls in front of disbelieving eyes. Two such events are recorded, one in 1900 and another in 1932.

Those tourists who allegedly encountered the ghost in 1900 described him as a well-mannered, charming man with a striking personality who spoke to them for 20 minutes before vanishing entirely.

In 1932, two American tourists trying to speed round the Abbey in its final hour before closing were panicking they had been locked inside when a kindly monk who introduced himself as "Benedictus" showed them to a second exit.

When they returned the next day to thank the kind monk for his help, they were stunned to be told no such holy man worked there.

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