Jeff Bezos backing £300m British project to create limitless energy: ‘UK the best at it’

UK has the 'best nuclear physicists in the world' says expert

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The Amazon founder signalled a huge vote of confidence in Britain through General Fusion – a Canadian private firm he invests in. They announced last year that their new facility will be built at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, home to the UK’s national fusion research programme. At the plant, General Fusion will test its Magnetised Target Fusion technology in the hope of making a breakthrough in replicating the fusion processes used by stars.

And fusion expert Richard Dinan says it’s because England “still has the best nuclear physicists in the world”.

He told Science Digest: “If you want to build a fusion power station or reactor and you want to find the best talent pool, it would be in England.

“That is because the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy is and that’s where all the European scientists working on ITER (the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) are.

“JET (the Joint European Torus), which recently set a world record for fusion, is in the UK as well.

“Most people don’t know that, but why is Jeff Bezos – an American trillionaire – investors ing his money into UK fusion projects?

“It’s not because he’s trying to give us a pat on the back, it’s because we are the best at it.”

Fusion is tipped as the “holy grail” energy source as it opens up the possibility of creating limitless power by harnessing the same power created by our Sun.

Mr Dinan is the founder of Pulsar Fusion, a revolutionary company looking to utilise this technology in space.

He added: “People associate nuclear with nasty explosives. That happened after Einstein discovered the power locked up inside an atom.


“Humans being humans, we took that force and raced to make a bomb out of it.

“The way you make a bomb is you take the heaviest possible atoms, like uranium, and you enrich them until the point that they literally leak particles.

“You can use that to create a chain reaction and create a bomb.

“It was unquestionably one of the worst things we’ve ever invented.

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“On the other side of that same power is getting very light elements and making them heavier – and that’s fusion.”

The former Made In Chelsea star believes that ITER, set to be fully operational in the next few years, can unlock a “really powerful” fusion burn.

He said: “ITER will give us a really powerful fusion burn. It’s a man-made star on Earth that we will turn on in a few years’ time.

“It will give us a more powerful energy reaction than anything ever achieved by man.”

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