It’s not Brexit! John Redwood shuts down Remoaners in brilliant post on global crisis

Energy crisis: Red Wall MPs may feel ‘betrayed’

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While Britain appears to be suffering from its own problems, such as fuel shortages, soaring energy bills and empty shelves in the supermarkets, some have claimed it is a product of Brexit.But all the while, gas prices are soaring globally and many other countries like China face energy shortages, along with shipping rates soaring worldwide and a host of other issues across the planet.

And Sir John, Conservative MP for Wokingham, took to Twitter to educate his followers.

He posted: “Big global companies are short of computer chips. Brazil is short of coffee. China is short of electricity. Shipping rates through the roof. World gas prices are very high. Doubtless, some will blame Brexit!”

The chip shortage started back in April 2021 when not enough computer semiconductors to meet global demand.

They are vital components of cars, washing machines, smartphones and other technologies too.

In Brazil, arabica coffee production to a 12-year low, harvesting nearly 40 percent less arabica coffee than last year.

The shortage means prices will keep rising for consumers across the world.

Meanwhile, gas prices have soared to record highs following a fire at an energy plant, a lack of wind over summer and a gas squeeze from my Russian President Vladimir Putin.

None of which appear to be Brexit’s fault.

But some users still disagreed with Sir John.

One user replied: “Brexit has failed. It’s adding cost, complexity and only providing challenges. Name one benefit?”

Another wrote: ”We don’t care about Brazil or China, we care about here! Stop pointing at problems everywhere else.”

Mr Redwood later addressed domestic problems and replied in the comments, claiming that the Business department needs to do more to counteract soaring prices.

He wrote: “The Business department wants Treasury help with the sky-high price of gas.

“They run energy policy, so why don’t they licence more UK production to cut expensive imports and increase supply?”

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Last week, gas prices in the UK leapt up by 40 percent to all-time highs.

But they later dropped after Mr Putin committed to transiting more gas back through Europe after earlier restricting supplies.

Prices have been surging across the world and there are fears that as the winter approaches they could rise further.

Ofgem is said to be bracing itself for a fresh wave of supplier collapses as early as tomorrow as the wholesale price of gas remains at record highs.

A global shortage has caused it to rise by 250 percent since January.

Sky News reported that at least four suppliers were in talks with Ofgem today about entering its Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR) system.

The system means that a collapsed firm’s domestic customers are transferred over to a solvent company with no interruption to their supply.

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