ISS mystery as ‘strange objects spotted on feed same day as UFO seen from Earth’

An unusual aircraft has been spotted flying across the sky, leading keen space-watchers to wonder whether they had seen a UFO.

The white, cylinder-shaped object was spotted on the same day as "high-speed" objects were caught on a space radar, reportedly near NASA's International Space Station.

YouTube user MrMBB333 uploaded the two incidents in a video titled "Ok, something is CLEARLY roaming the skies of this planet!", in which he showed the two sightings side-by-side.

He claimed that on September 9, someone called Mary Hall had spotted "high-speed objects moving through the field of view from the International Space Station" during both the daytime and nighttime sides of the screen.

Discussing the multiple flashing lights moving from the top of the screen to the bottom, he said they "almost appear to be white".

The Youtube user said that on the same day in Greensboro, North Carolina, the US, people called Lori Anne and Jessica had sent in "several great photos" of something moving in the daytime sky.

"She said the back of this thing looked like some sort of large propeller, like something you would see on a submarine, some kind of propulsion system is how she described it," he added.

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"It was not an airplane, it was some sort of very unusual-looking cylinder in the sky that did not have wings."

"It was not an airplane, very emphatic about that" he repeated.

The sky watcher claimed that the wingless cylinder was moving through the sky in broad daylight.

"I'm wondering if maybe that's the same thing that was spotted from the International Space Station," he added.

"I don't know, I don't necessarily believe in coincidences, but something unusual was spotted in the sky."

Video-viewers were quick to back-up his claims, commenting on their own experiences of seeing the strange objects.

One said: "I have seen this same looking cigar-shaped UFO several times in an 18-month period between 2011 and 2012 in central Alabama."

Another commented: "I'm in Tallahassee, Florida and we have ALSO been witness to weird strobe light flashes that seem to be so fast that a few times, I wasn't sure if I ever really saw it at all. This video is the 1st I've seen mentioning it. Glad to know I am not delusional but still perplexed."

However, others were more cynical, claiming that the flashing lights were instead a "soundless lightning storm", and the object was a secret "guided missile".

A comment said: "I lived in Iowa and we used to get those sky flashes a lot in summer, they would go on for hours. They called it Sheet Lighting, no sound at all."

According to the Royal Meteorological Society, Sheet Lightning is a term used to describe clouds illuminated by a 'lightning discharge' where the actual lightning channel is either inside the clouds or below the horizon (i.e. not visible to the observer).

'It is simply any lightning that is hidden by clouds or terrain aside from the flash of light it produces", according to the experts.

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