Influencers branded ‘disgusting’ by fans for putting a toilet seat in dishwasher

A toilet cleaning hack that has gone viral on TikTok has caused a stir over hygiene after influencers put the dirty toilet seat in the dishwasher.

The method involves detaching your toilet seat before placing it in the dishwasher, with many raising concerns over hygiene.

Influencers Janelle Flom and Kate Heintzelman from Minnesota have been inundated with comments on their unusual cleaning practices after they uploaded a TikTok putting their toilet seat in the dishwasher as a 'life hack' – and not all of them have been complimentary.

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The video has since been viewed almost five million times on Instagram alone and has been commented on over 13,000 times.

One user wrote: "This isn't a hack. This is absolutely disgusting," while another wrote 'What in the name of NASTY is going on here?!? Another reason you don't eat at everybody's house.'

Speculation has also been rife on whether or not the video was merely a joke.

Consumer advocacy group Choice conducted tests on dishwashers in 2019 to find what could be cleaned by the mod con.

While they stopped short of recommending this novel cleaning method, they found it did clean toilet seats fairly well but only when loaded correctly.

"While we definitely don't recommend cleaning your toilet seat in the dishwasher, if you absolutely must then you'll want to load it correctly to make sure it gets clean," the experts told MailOnline.

In addition, it turns out that toilet seats normally have a relatively small amount of bacteria on them compared to other household objects.

The household sponge, for example, contains around 10 million bacteria per square inch, compared to around 50 bacteria on toilet seats.

Dr. Chuck Gerba in 2012 told the BBC: "Toilet seats are one of the cleanest things you'll run across in terms of micro-organisms. It's our gold standard — there are not many things cleaner than a toilet seat when it comes to germs."


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