Influencer slams trolls who told her to ‘tuck away’ cleavage for orphanage visit

An influencer has hit back at cruel trolls who accused her of wearing an overly revealing outfit during a visit to an orphanage in Bali.

Kelsey Foster took time out from her holiday to buy food and spend time with the kids and said it was ”amazing to see them smile” – but she was quickly met with a tirade of online abuse for her choice of top.

The 28-year-old sparked a big debate after posting photos of her at the orphanage on her Facebook page.

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One person wrote: “A plunging top that shows off a significant amount of cleavage is not showing respect for that culture.”

Whilst another added: “For the love of god woman, tuck them away.”

Of the thousands of comments, some of the vile abuse even claimed that Kelsey was “asking to be raped” because of her choice of outfit.

But the brave Australian, who says nobody in the orphanage had any problem with what she was wearing, has slammed the keyboard warriors.

She told local news outlet Coconuts: “I believe if I was a flat-chested woman in a swimsuit a fuss wouldn’t have been made – but I have E cup breasts which, obviously, no matter what I wear they will still be shown.

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“I am a very strong-minded person. It’s unfortunate though because some people aren’t and the kind of things people say online can cause such hurt and depression or suicide to others.”

Kelsey also explained that she had come straight from swimming in the morning and didn’t have any spare clothes before she arrived at the orphanage.

She added: “Regardless of what has been said in the media, it’s not going to stop me doing anything charitable in any country.

“Negative people will always find something to complain about or attack someone about.”

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