‘I was abducted by aliens – they injected me in the eye and used mind control’

A man who claims to have been abducted by aliens as a ten year-old child has opened up about the invasive procedures he faced at the hands of reptilian alien creatures.

Tony Rodrigues was just a young boy living in a rural farmhouse with his family when he was allegedly taken to an alien bunker.

In the middle of the night, the American remembered strange occurrences including the telephone ringing, and a mysterious bright blue orb floating into his bedroom before he was kidnapped by reptilian creatures.

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Sharing his story on the Shaun Attwood podcast, Tony revealed how this abduction had taken place, and claimed it had led to him embarking on a 20 year journey before he was returned to his body as a ten year-old.

“When I woke up, I had a grey right over my bed standing in my face… I reached up and touched it and it was alive, it was cold and wet,” he remembered.

“Before I could make a noise, it did something to me and I was paralysed. Then three or four other shorter reptilian looking beings came from the foot of my bed and grabbed me out of bed and carried me off into a flash of light.”

However, rather than ending up in a UFO, Tony recalled waking up on a table in an underground bunker, where he was informed of the alien’s plans via telepathic communication.

“They said they wanted my help and they had to check my genetics to see if I was capable of their programme. It was painful, they took a biopsy, they took cells from the back of my head,” he continued.

Having established that he was compatible for their quest, Tony claimed that the aliens informed him that they wanted to add twenty years to his life for him to complete some training.

And, although initially reluctant, Tony consented to the procedure after being informed he would be able to wake up as if his 20 year journey had never happened.

“I consented, and they lay me down and did a procedure that was a needle that went in my eye and I woke up with no memories,” he suggested.

After undergoing this time-bending experiment, Tony claimed that he had slowly regained memory of the procedures he had undergone. He then put forward an outlandish theory about what had occurred.

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“They had put us through an MK Ultra trauma-based mind control programme and they were giving us drugs to bring us near to death… and during that time we would channel information,” he claimed.

As well as this, Tony recalled being sent on space missions to Mars and being "traumatised" with sleep deprivation experiments that would test the participants' capabilities.

At the end of his twenty-year training programme, Tony was returned to his human body at the same date and time he had been abducted and he suggested that he had struggled to reintegrate with society after his personality change.

“I had no memory of what had just happened, but I had the feeling of not being home for twenty years. I got out of bed and I looked at my toys on the ground and had no interest in them anymore,” he remembered.


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